Posted on June 4, 2019 by staff

Twitter acquires start-up to ‘spot fake news’


Twitter has acquired a start-up that claims to identify ‘fake news’ quickly.

London-based firm Fabula AI uses algorithms and machine learning to identify so-called fake news and appears to base its product off studies that show that fake news spreads faster than real news online.

According to VentureBeat, they use this pattern to their advantage, tracking how content spreads online and allocate an authenticity score.

“As this technology detects the spread pattern, it is language and locale independent; in fact, it can be used even when the content is encrypted,” the company says on its homepage.

“We also believe that such an approach, given it is based on the propagation pattern through huge social networks, is far more resilient to adversarial attacks.”

The Fabula team will be joining Twitter’s Cortex unit, a group of researchers and engineers that work on machine learning technology for Twitter.

Michael Bronstein, Fabula’s co-founder and chief scientist, will lead graph deep learning research at Twitter.