Posted on July 20, 2017 by staff

TSB to become first European bank to use eye-scan tech


TSB will become the first bank in Europe to use customers’ eyes as a security measure when it introduces the ground-breaking technology in September.

The bank will be using iris recognition on its mobile platforms, but users will need the will need the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 to access the feature.

According to chief information officer Carlos Abarca, an eye has 266 different scannable characteristics, whereas a fingerprint scan only makes use of 40.

He told the BBC : “It’s extremely fast – it takes less than a second to get in – and the gesture is very natural.

“And you don’t have to remember secret numbers or passwords.

“There’s no security option that is absolutely perfect. We’re relying not only on the biometrics but the digital certificate on the phone.

“To fake your eyeball is potentially possible – but it is extremely difficult.”

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 also has face recognition and fingerprint scanning as biometric security options.

Chaos Computer Club, a German hacking group, claimed to have fooled the scanner with a fake eye in May.

TSB customers can already log on to their mobile banking app using fingerprint recognition.