Inteliqo, a startup technology company that provides sales, marketing and distribution services to technology product owners, has acquired the exclusive sales and marketing rights to the Langaroo App globally.

Edinburgh-based Inteliqo was set up in 2018 by CEO Chris Flnagan to help companies grow.

The agreement is in place for 20 years and is seen as pivotal in the international expansion of the mobile translation application, which enables users to understand, speak, message, and share information across over 130 languages.

Langaroo will be launching a ground-breaking cross-cultural communication app in August 2023, redefining how individuals interact globally.

The company’s innovative smartphone app empowers users to seamlessly understand, speak, message, and share information, revolutionising the way we communicate on a global scale.

At the core of the app lies Langaroo Chat, enabling an effortless exchange of translated voice notes and text messages with anyone, anywhere, from personal chats with friends to international business communications.

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Langaroo Chat includes all the features you would expect of a modern messaging platform, offering both one-to-one and group chat, allowing users to converse in their preferred language while messages are instantly translated for universal comprehension.

Security is of utmost importance, and Langaroo aims to ensure user confidence through robust end-to-end encryption, making it safe to share sensitive information.

Furthermore, Langaroo integrates an intuitive file-sharing feature, enabling seamless exchanges of documents, videos, and images, making it a comprehensive tool for international collaboration.

The app also features Langaroo translate, an innovative two-way translator that enables smooth conversations regardless of the language spoken, and Langaroo scan translate, which provides real-time translations of photos and documents with a single scan or upload.

One other feature of the app is called Langaroo video translate and enables users to enjoy their favourite YouTube videos in their native language through swiftly generated captions.

Langaroo has ambitious plans for further growth and expansion and envisions becoming a leading player in the cross-cultural communication landscape.

Inteliqo’s income will flow from the sales of subscriptions or territory licence agreements, benefiting from a proportion of revenue as defined in the Revenue Share Agreement.

Over the three-month period from April-June 2023, more than 400 business licenses and over 13,500 annual subscriptions have been sold by Langaroo, generating revenue of over $1.5m.

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