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Launching and running successful marketing campaigns might often bring crowds of users to your digital product. There are plenty of tricks you can put into practice to achieve this goal. However, not all of them will turn out to be effective. So, what are the best marketing solutions to attract users? It’s time to find out and bring your business to a higher level. 

Before exploring marketing tricks 

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“Sales” is a word that sounds magical to many potential customers. The reason is that people always want to save money and buy goods/services for the lowest possible price. In other words, don’t hesitate to use the power of sales and promotions. How can you benefit from reducing the prices?  

There are many types of promotions you can try. These are “buy 2 – get 3”, discounts for the next purchases, and many others. This easy trick can help you boost your sales in no time. The fact is that a person who wants to buy only one product will likely purchase two items to get the third one for free. Not to mention, this rule works well both for real and digital products. 


This marketing trick is also designed to attract more users and clients to your digital product. As for digital products or services, freebies are also applicable. For example, you can offer some premium features or VIP accounts for a limited time for free. Users who try these excellent features for free are likely to order them for money in the future. 

Moreover, freebies will also bring many new users to your digital products. The reason is that many people don’t mind trying something new for free.

Ask for referrals 

Asking for referrals is a good way to attract new clients in an effortless and natural way. To put it short, you don’t need to do anything but only ask your regular customers for referrals. As a result, you will have a flow of new users. 

However, not all regular customers have enough time to refer your business to their friends and partners. Therefore, it might be good to set up a professionally developed referral program where your regular customers will earn some bonuses for referrals. They should have an opportunity to change these bonuses for discounts, freebies, or other extra features. Your regular customers will be interested in sharing information about your business with others to receive more bonuses.

Recontact old users 

Recontacting old customers is a great way to encourage them to make new purchases. If you don’t know what communication channel to use for these purposes, it might be a good idea to create a newsletter to notify your existing customers about new sales and promotions. It is recommended not to send emails too often since most users find it annoying. Most marketers believe that it is better to send newsletters no more than once per week. 

This is an easy way to bring users to your product and start selling more. Don’t hesitate to send emails to your target audience to make sure they know about all your sales and promotions. 

There are many other ways to attract customers to your digital product. You can try various marketing campaigns and use the most effective solutions. Experienced marketers usually have several win-win options to boost sales within the shortest terms.

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