Posted on May 29, 2019 by staff

Top KPIs to consider for Improving Your Employee Training


Employee training is one of the most crucial parts of human resource management.

You may hire the best employees in the world, if you can’t train them right, they may leave you in within the first year of service.

As a result of this, your brand’s chances of growth may cease to exist.

Your plan of action? Don’t just invest in employee training. Invest in it wisely. Keep all the important key performance indicators in mind. Note the numbers and improvise your training programs.

To help you with that, here are some of the most important employee training KPIs to monitor.

If you are planning on enhancing your training program’s performance, it’s crucial to ensure that all the concerned employees attend training.

Start with monitoring the following to get a clear idea of how good the current strength is.

  • Signups for all training programs
  • Attendees in all of your courses
  • Attendees in all training sessions
  • Attendance of courses and sessions for each participant

Also, note that, once you have planned on acquiring all this data, make sure, you have the right resources to manage it. For example, using a spreadsheet can work for you here.

By measuring these metrics you will be able to acquire useful intel like, are all your employees attending the course? Are they all signing up? Who isn’t signing up? Who’s attendance is low?

Based on this data, you can figure out a better way to market the course to your employees.

Another performance indicator to measure for your employee training program is the completion rate.

If you are getting low completion rates, this may mean that your employees are either not able to understand the sessions clearly, or your course couldn’t deliver what it promised.

To measure this, you’ll need to see how many employees finished off the course/training that they signed up for. After that, you can try communicating again with those employees and see if the issues that they faced can be resolved.

You should always be clear while telling your employees what they can expect out of your training programs.

This KPI can only be applicable when the training program has more than one sessions.

To find the efficiency of your training program, you’d need to note the time taken by your employees to complete it.

Just because you are getting high completion rates, doesn’t mean your programs are performing adequately for your brand.

So, pay attention and try to find out why this is happening. Maybe these training programs aren’t their priority. Maybe they are not getting enough returns against those courses of yours. Maybe they are stalling these programs for some other reason.

All-in-all, to save yourself from this, you’ll need to measure the time taken for completion of a course and see how you can bring it down.

Another performance indicator that any training program should measure is learner satisfaction. After all, that’s what the training was being provided for in the first place, right?

To note this, you’ll need to talk to your employees who are attending any of your training programs. Do this to find out if they enjoy your employee training development sessions. Ask them for feedback and improvise based on that.

As you try to improve your employee training processes, you’ll need to monitor the progress of your current training programs.