What is e-learning? The TechTarget website succinctly describes it as “anywhere, any-time instruction delivered over the internet or a corporate intranet to browser-equipped learners.” However, perhaps the more relevant question is what e-learning can actually do for your business.

Though a few myths about e-learning have been left to fester over time, this article will bust some of those while shining a light on why your company should seriously consider training its recruits through digital means.

You can instil a growth mindset in your workers

As Henry Ford is quoted as having said: “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

While this helps to explain why many employers are drawn towards hiring people who have what would be called a “growth mindset”, another factor is that the business world is developing so quickly, with more and more new corporate tech emerging, you need workers who are capable of keeping pace with the changes.

Your employees could become more loyal to the company

According to the National Research Business Institute, 23% of the reason for employees leaving their place of employment is a shortage of development opportunities and training, as this Medium article reports.

It’s therefore reassuring that, according to studies cited by the same article, companies investing in training and development have been rewarded with increased employee loyalty. This is for the simple reason that the employees feel as though the organisation is interested in helping them to grow as individuals.

You can mix up the ways e-learning teaches your staff

Now we come to one of most common and unhelpful myths about e-learning: that it doesn’t engage staff. This misconception is borne out of the belief that e-learning can only store and display content – but, on the contrary, e-learning offers a wide range of interactive content and methods for presenting it.

One article on the Training Journal website lists a few examples – including video tools geared towards different learning styles, games for inspiring competition, and drag-and-drop sections that will leave your workers with unconventional but fun opportunities to test themselves.

In engaging employees, you can make them more efficient

As you deploy e-learning systems for your employees to use, they will be able to learn how to enhance their corporate processes, efficiency and skills base – and, as a result, become more engaged in their work.

This would all bode very handsomely for your company overall, as engaged employees have been credited with driving innovation and, in this manner, catalysing change within their organisations.

You would be able to personalise the learning experience

Here’s another unfortunately widespread misconception about e-learning: that the programme would be somewhat rigid and not conducive to personalisation. However, you could opt for an e-learning system integrating an array of easily customisable learning methods, such as personalised assessments and social learning.

You could even build that e-learning course yourself – using a digital platform like ON24, which would allow you to deliver personalised experiences for training and certification.