Posted on December 9, 2016 by staff

The sunglasses of the future could help you see in the dark


How smart are your sunglasses? Try these on for size.

Described as the world’s first self-adapting goggles by German designers Inoptec, they instantly react when you shine light on them.

Using LCD technology to react to lighting changes in a heartbeat, Smart Goggles adjust vision so the user can always see properly, even in the dark.

In the video below, CEO Ralf Knoll says the glasses were inspired by the many accidents that occur each year due to temporary blindness while driving or during sporting activities.

He said: “If you ride your motorcycle with your sunglasses into a dark tunnel, you’re in big trouble because you cannot remove the sunglasses.

“Even with this technology called transitions, where they change the colour over time, they are far too slow. It takes up to 30 seconds before they become clear.

“We become clear in a millisecond so you can see instantly in the dark.”