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It is not news to say that today, there seems to be a huge surge in the online casino industry. While it has been possible to find many platforms on the web for decades, the truth is that more and more are looking to offer their products and services digitally. What is causing this growth in the digitised industry? Here’s why. 

Digitisation of the industry 

The first thing to say is that online casinos are as old as the internet itself. Seasoned gambling enthusiasts may remember The Gaming Club, which for many was the first digital casino ever established in 1994. However, it was not until 2009 that the industry seems to have realised the advantages of digitisation.

As can be seen, digital casinos are nothing new. However, what does seem to be noteworthy is that until a few years ago, both land-based and digital casinos seemed to be developing in parallel. Despite this, in recent years more and more firms seem to be opting to engage in the development of the industry in digital format only.

In 2019 alone, the online casino industry generated USD 53 billion worldwide. While this figure already seems high enough, some estimates point to the entire industry being valued at USD 95 billion in the next three years, evidence that the expansion of the sector on digital platforms is not merely a cyclical phenomenon.

Causes behind this expansion

When talking about the causes behind this steady growth in the industry, it is necessary to say that it is not possible to speak of a single factor. At present, several elements can explain the growth of the industry, and all of them must be evaluated as a group. Despite this, it is possible to make a special mention of the following.

1. The development of mobile applications 

Perhaps the main factor explaining the current boom in digital casino applications is the continuous development of mobile applications. Smartphones have enabled a revolution in online casinos and video games in general. 

In the United States and Canada alone, there are 283 million mobile device users, of which at least 210 million claim to play a video game 10 hours a week or more. Of course, the use of apps makes it possible to reach a much wider audience, in a much more practical and useful way. Given this reality, and as can be seen on comparing platforms like nettikasino-ilman-rekisteröitymistä.com, not only is it easy to find a wide variety of casinos with different offers and types of service, but also many of the sites presented there have their own native web application. More and more online casinos even offer their services without users having to register beforehand.

2. Blockchain development 

Blockchain technology is for some the most innovative invention of the digital age after the internet. What makes the Blockchain so highly acclaimed is precisely the fact that it can guarantee the indemnity of the information and capital under its custody. The advantages of this technology for online casinos are obvious. Not only do they enable new payment mechanisms through cryptocurrencies, but they also create a much more secure dynamic, a subject that has always kept even the most enthusiastic gambling enthusiasts sceptical.

3. Virtual reality and innovation

Web design can also go a long way toward explaining the steady growth of the industry in its digital format. Web programming not only allows access to a wider audience, but also the creation of more and better activities for customers. Thus, it is easy to find 3D animated versions of roulette games, live poker rooms with advanced graphics, as well as blackjack tables where it is increasingly easy to interact with each other; these are all advantages that are set to exhibit their full potential with the popularisation of virtual reality.