Posted on March 5, 2020 by staff

The rapid rise of Kubernetes and containerisation


A revolution has been building behind the scenes in the technology sector – and the world is starting to take note.

The potential of containerisation was finally harnessed by Google when it launched Kubernetes as an open source project in 2014.

Now run by the non-profit Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Kubernetes is a pay-as-you-use platform which automatically distributes the various computing demands of an application across several servers.

This results in an app which is capable of running at high speed, offers great resilience and disaster recovery potential – however many people are using it.

Formerly the preserve of a small number of IT teams ‘in the know’, Kubernetes has now been adopted by techies across the world.

It is time for business leaders to take note and learn how to adopt containerisation into their business.

A free Cloud & Containers Workshop on Tuesday 17th March at UKFast will examine the basic principles behind containerisation; the advantages of adopting this technology into your business; and examine the technical practicalities of containers and the possibilities of Kubernetes.

Developers and CTOs can bring along their business and financial decision makers for this breakfast event to understand the business case for containerisation.