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Monopoly Casino was launched in 2016, providing a range of quality casino products alongside other games with a Monopoly theme. Today, Monopoly Casino has grown to become one of the most popular brands of casino games on the market.

This winning combination didn’t emerge completely out of the blue, both casino and Monopoly have enjoyed long, successful histories. To understand the appeal of Monopoly and casino games together it’s important to look briefly at how they developed separately.

Monopoly, the world-famous property accumulation family board game, was patented on Christmas Day 1935, though versions had existed since 1902. Its popularity grew quickly and remained high until the rise of computer games changed habits in the 80s and 90s.

While some famous games failed to compete with the possibilities of the digital world, Monopoly found a way. By releasing a range of localised variations, so everyone could play on the streets of their hometown, Monopoly thrived.

The world’s oldest casino, the Casino di Venezia, was opened almost three centuries before the game of Monopoly was conceived. Over hundreds of years, the popularity of casino, in all its forms, has ebbed and flowed around the world.

Much like board games, casino faced one of its biggest challenges with the 21st Century rise of online entertainment. Turning this challenge into an opportunity, casino adapted with the launch of online variations which have seen its popularity explode.

Monopoly and casino first came together in 1998 when WMS Gaming created a line of Monopoly-branded slot machines. These were named “Most Innovative Gaming Product” of 1999 and were the most popular brand on the market by 2001.

From that moment on, the partnership between Monopoly and casino, both online and in-person, has remained firm and incredibly successful. When Monopoly Casino was launched in 2016, the relationship reached its most exciting stage yet.

Today, players can enjoy a wide range of exciting games at and on the accompanying app from Gamesys. So, what are some of the most popular games available to play at Monopoly Casino?

  • Table Games

Roulette, with its spinning wheel, and craps, with its dice and mop, are among casino’s most iconic games. Along with baccarat, it is dramatic images of these games that casino scenes in movies are filled with.

Monopoly Casino offers several versions of classic table games, along with innovative new digital variations for players to try. Low-stakes, high-stakes, first-person, and fusion games are all available for players to try on PCs, tablets, or phones.

Monopoly Casino also offers a 00-36 model roulette wheel based on the classic board game itself. Numbers are replaced with property names to create a true crossover feel throughout the gaming experience.

  • Poker

Of all the casino card games, poker is the most well-known, most glamorous, and most highly skilled. Monopoly Casino offers two excellent poker experiences that stand out from the crowd to offer players something different and interesting.

Wild Seat Poker offers players the chance to win a mystery prize, which is not revealed until the game ends. Video Poker is a modernized version of the classic digital variation available in casinos from the late 20th Century.

Monopoly Casino also offers the opportunity to join Texas Hold’em tournaments with a live host. This competitive experience is available with a low buy-in and no limits set on stakes or win possibilities.

  • Blackjack

Rivalling poker for the most iconic casino card game of all time is blackjack. Simpler to play, this tense game pits players against both the dealer and each other.

Monopoly Casino currently offers no less than eight online variations of this resolve-testing game of probabilities.

From single deck to multi-hand, players can choose their level and preferred style from a range of options. 9 Up and Atlantic City variations also add new dimensions, as does the site’s exciting First Person live dealer option.

  • Live Casino

If playing casino online has one disadvantage, it’s losing the atmosphere and excitement of playing in person with real people. At Monopoly Casino, this is recreated, and perhaps even enhanced, with a series of excellent live casino games.

Using a video link, live casino games are played in real-time with a real host and real opponents. Several variations of poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat can all be played in this style with minimal stakes made.

Of course, live casino is a little less flexible as it relies on you remaining available and present throughout. With so many live games and staggered starts to choose from, however, this loss of convenience is hardly noticed.

  • Bingo and Slingo

Some people love the skill and jeopardy required for games like poker, while others prefer a simpler experience. Bingo and Slingo require less knowledge than some of the more complex card games, but they are no less exciting.

90-ball and 75-ball bingo are both available from Monopoly Casino, with high-rising progressive jackpots and low costs per game. Bingo is one of the easiest pick-up-and-play forms of casino for new and experienced players alike.

Slingo, a digital combination of slots and bingo, allows players to choose from many themed games for an innovative experience. Consistently one of the most popular forms of online casino, Slingo and slots are great games to get started with.

In just six years, Monopoly Casino has become one of online gaming’s best-loved platforms. With such a rich history, and such an exciting range of games on offer, is it any surprise?