Posted on December 23, 2016 by staff

The gadgets Santa Claus can’t do without


Father Christmas has revealed the gadget he simply cannot do without on his Christmas present run.

Speaking exclusively to BusinessCloud, an ageing Santa said his work life could be prolonged by his new augmented reality glasses.

These highlight the homes containing the nice children, meaning St Nick no longer has to consult his huge contacts book to make sure he doesn’t accidentally deliver toys to naughty kids.

“Every child deserves a Christmas present,” he told us. “But I’m not wasting my time on bullies and cookie-pinchers.

“At the North Pole I’m all over VR, but on the road it’s the AR which makes all the difference.”

Asked which other gadgets will prove useful on Christmas Eve, he said: “My Garmin watch keeps me on track as I circumnavigate the globe, but my other favourite bit of tech is my Dragonfly drone.

“I can send it down the chimney with the presents and deliver them under the tree using the headset.”

Santa doesn’t use a traffic app – “they haven’t invented flying cars yet, you know” – is fed up of weather apps getting the forecast wrong and won’t be monitoring his heart rate on a night dominated by mince pies and port.

But which emerging technology is he most excited about heading into 2017?

“I’m hoping for a self-driving sleigh,” he said. “Naturally I’ll keep my hands on the reins, as I’m legally bound to.

“And Rudolf told me he’s looking forward to retirement when they perfect those robot reindeer.”