Posted on July 4, 2018 by staff

List of 53 UK innovative tech projects sharing £17m pot


A total of £17.44 million has been allocated to 53 of the winning companies by the UK’s innovation agency.

Innovate UK has awarded the funds to a variety of projects which include new products, processes and services which it believes have the potential to generate significant positive impact and growth for the UK economy.

“All of these projects are tackling issues that affect many people and cover key sectors linked to government’s Industrial Strategy,” said Fionnuala Costello, Head of Open Programmes at Innovate UK.

“The overall quality of applications from across the country was of exceptionally high standard and covers a wide range of industries, from digital and creative to biosciences and medicine development, which shows the appetite of UK businesses to innovate and grow.

“Through our ongoing funding programme we are supporting hundreds of high-growth businesses, collaborations and industries to innovate and compete in future global markets.”

Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation, which is designed to drive productivity and economic growth by supporting businesses to develop and realise the potential of new ideas.

Project Lead Innovate UK Funding
Game-Changing Patient Monitoring Technology to Transform Clinical and Economic Outcomes in Mental Healthcare: A Feasibility Study Mimitec Ltd £37,914.00
Automated high throughput protein stability measurement system Applied Photophysics Limited £42,800.00
GoodPump Development Luulatech Ltd £70,000.00
CamLED, a disruptive low-cost light emitting diode technology Cambridge Materials Limited £69,914.00
Fastr: Advanced Property EcoSystem Fastr Property Limited £331,028.00
Housing Allocation & Upgraded Solutions (HAUS) Avalon Behaviour Ventures Limited £106,006.00
Applying AI to storytelling – bringing computational research into creative industries To Play For Limited £234,195.00
VO+ Polyethylene Film Commercial Prototype Development Void Technologies Limited £274,459.00
Industrial Research project developing adaptive learning web prototype with explanations for GCSE science Educake Ltd £124,214.00
Regenerative treatment for dog Osteoarthritis Stem Cellx Limited £105,411.00
HoloSite – Augmented Reality in Construction XYZ Reality Limited £448,202.00
Naltos™, an innovative and rapid approach to treating breakthrough pain using a novel pain relief peptide Alchemy Pharmatech Limited £96,103.00
A pre-treatment technique for improving anaerobic digestion hydrolysis, to increase energy output by 20% and achieve 2x throughput Blue Sky Bio Ltd £69,634.00
Smart Transient Gas Distribution Network Operations Advisor Platform Atmos International Limited £265,388.00
DEFIDENT – DEtection of Forged IDENTity documents Iproov Limited £189,461.00
Light Source for Three Photon Microscopy M-Squared Lasers Limited £109,494.00
Machining of Controlled Expansion Alloys (MACE) Scorpion Tooling Uk Limited £99,313.00
Project Ava Metail Limited £103,479.00
UltraErase – Hard Disc Drive Repair and Erasure Ultratec Limited £350,322.00
Sleep Sage – a personalised intelligent sleep aid platform Kokoon Technology Ltd £338,855.00
Smart Snap Ring Joint Connector: Enabling Remote Condition Monitoring of Topside and Subsea Pipelines Srj Technology Limited £493,538.00
PIPS: Platform independent Indoor Positioning System Direk Ltd £570,149.00
Novel real-time algorithms and system architecture for defect detection on patterned textiles Shelton Machines Limited £421,482.00
OPTOMS – Optimising the production of thermoset resins from MSW-derived sugars Fiberight Limited £724,309.00
Advanced Zone 1 Hazardous Area Floodlight Barrier Ex Limited £214,929.00
An emergency disconnection technology enabling safe and intelligent access to sustainable deepwater subsea oil and gas assets Secc Oil And Gas Limited £345,139.00
Integrated voice communications system for personal protective equipment (PPE) for safe and seamless communication in harsh working environments Noto Technologies Limited £171,715.00
Thor – Effective Decontamination of Sensitive Electronic Equipment to prevent Hospital Acquired Infections Finsen Technologies Limited £190,109.00
QUEMAT: QUEry-adaptive Media Asset Tracking Focal International Ltd. £286,054.00
Homes as Virtual Power Stations (HasVPS) Ventive Ltd £240,137.00
DeepRev Using artificial intelligence to prevent revenue leakage and fraud Cognitiv+ Ltd £404,394.00
Jump.Work – Big Data & AI In the Labour Market Jump Staff Ltd £344,570.00
VECOLure: Novel Aggregation Pheromone Bed Bug Lure Vecotech Limited £220,034.00
Evolution AI, WMG Data Science Group, Dun & Bradstreet: Artificial Intelligence-Driven Information Extraction from Documents Evolution Artificial Intelligence Ltd £664,379.00
COmplete Nucleic acid ANalysis (CONAN) at genome scale with ultra-high throughput Depixus £604,030.00
Rapid Calibration for Operational and Strategic Digital Twins City Science Corporation Limited £700,420.00
GENESIS: Modular Insect Bioconversion System for On-site Animal Feed Production Entomics Biosystems Limited £571,166.00
Passive IoT Platform using 99%+ Accurate RFID Technology Pervasid Limited £281,149.00
Zap&Go – Next Generation fast-charging energy storage cell Zapgo Ltd £699,459.00
Generating renewable energy from flared low calorific value landfill gas Landfill Systems Maintenance Limited £65,928.00
Novel Counter Flow Classification System for the sustainable grading of high value industrial sands-RICHSAND Cde Global Limited £250,208.00
ASSAI – Development of an unmanned Aerial SyStem for Advanced contact Inspection of civil structures Air Control Entech Limited £783,928.00
Development a novel phased array antenna technology for millimetre wave 5G applications Sofant Technologies Ltd £536,816.00
Oxfiniti OxBox O2nrg Ltd £264,168.00
Trade Finance Fraud Detection Project in Dual Use Goods with Machine Learning and Visual Analytics Traydstream Limited £377,711.00
Super Resolution Microscopy in Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (SR-TIRF) Visitech International Limited £240,344.00
ARCH (Aluminium Reduced Cost Hybrid Parts) Autotech Engineering R&D Uk Limited £602,904.00
Modularised multi axis pulsed-ECM machine and metal coated polymer cathode development Pecm Systems Ltd £80,231.00
OPAA: Oil Production Advanced Analytics Ovationdata Limited £470,514.00
Almac’s novel biomarker platform for patient stratification within immune oncology clinical trials Almac Diagnostics Limited £500,000.00
MITOCHOLINE – maintaining brain health through nutrition Mitochondrial Substrate Invention Ltd £354,354.00
Rapid DNA Profiling Solution for In-field Crime Scene Stain DNA Analysis Key Forensic Services Limited £599,259.00
PQ Cybersecurity Oxford Post-Quantum Cryptography £699,789.00