A new report has identified the five key barriers facing women in tech. 

The Breaking Barriers: Women in Tech Speak Out report – a partnership by Sage, Reframe Women in Tech and Tech Returners – cites confidence or ‘imposter syndrome’ as a major hurdle for women entering the tech field and calls on businesses to play their part in levelling the playing field.

In addition to confidence, the report identifies lack of awareness or contact with the tech industry, lack of role models, exclusionary hiring processes and discrimination as barriers that need to be broken to empower women to fulfil their potential in the tech world.

According to Breaking Barriers, 84% of survey respondents have seen a job they were interested in but have not applied. Of those, 80% did not apply because they believe they do not have the right experience; and 71% were worried they did not have the right skills.

To address such challenges, the report outlines recommendations for both businesses and individuals – ranging from education to community engagement – that will help build a more inclusive sector that better meets the needs of our society.

The report findings come directly from the Reframe WIT conference room with women in tech openly and candidly sharing their experiences.

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Beckie Taylor, Tech Returners, CEO, said: “The findings of this report are eye-opening, and highlight how much more needs to be done at the industry-level to empower women pursuing a career in tech. There are many steps that businesses can take to create a more level playing field, and I urge them to take action today.” 

In addition to the recommendations outlined in the report, Tech Returners will focus on how to make technology careers more accessible to women of all backgrounds at their flagship Reframe Women in Tech conference in London on 29th September 2023.

Jo Leniewski, Talent Acquisition Director, Sage, said: ” The report highlights crucial steps for businesses to advance women in tech. Ignoring the gender gap poses an economic risk.

“At Sage, our ‘Sage Pathways’ program aids those re-entering work, changing careers, or starting their professional journey. A diverse tech sector requires pathways for more women to rejoin the workforce.”

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