Posted on April 17, 2019 by staff

Tech to reintroduce species of wildlife in UK


Environmental consultancy Ecosulis has launched a contest to support the reintroduction of species of wildlife into the UK via technology.

The Bath-based firm has launched The Rewilding Tech Challenge with the aim to enhance the nature found in Britain, with a £10,000 prize pot for three winning entries.

Open to any UK-based individual, team or company willing to work with Ecosulis on the development of rewilding-related technology, the challenge aims to drive conservation technology development and enterprise hubs.

It also hopes to advance rewilding-related technology in the UK and introduce new talent and ideas into the field.

Summing up the initiative, Ecosulis managing director Cain Blythe explained, “We now have an opportunity to define a shared vision for how technology can have maximum impact on conservation practice.

“The idea of the challenge is to introduce new tech talent and ideas into the field of rewilding, and hopefully develop a solution that makes a real difference to practical conservation.”

Founded in 1990, Ecosulis is a consultancy and contractor which works with clients to help protect and improve the biodiversity of multiple sites across the United Kingdom.

Alongside its headquarters in Bath, the firm also holds offices in London, Birmingham and Cardiff, with more than 30 employees working with organisations across those locations.