Tech Nation staff have spoken of their heartbreak after the announcement that the organisation will cease to exist.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Tech Nation will seek to transfer its assets following the termination of its core government grant funding.

The UK government recently handed the £12.1 million Digital Growth Grant contract – designed to help small and scaling tech businesses across the UK – to Barclays Eagle Labs.

Tech Nation has been working ‘around the clock’ to secure its future as it tries to fill the shortfall in its funding but will now close its doors from March 31.

Several staff took to LinkedIn in response to the news.

Elizabeth Scott, client engagement director, posted: “Feeling very much like it’s the end of an era (and personally very emotional) as we announce that Tech Nation will close its doors on March 31.

“I’m sure I’ll re-emerge in the days and weeks to come with thoughtful reflections on the incredible whirlwind the last four years have been, but for now I’m focusing on supporting my teams and the collective pride in everything we’ve achieved together.”

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Mo Aldalou, mid-stage scaling lead at Tech Nation, said: “It’s a heart-breaking day for all of us at Tech Nation as we announce that the company will no longer operate after March 31.

“I’ve had an incredible four years at the company, initially looking after all regional engagement for the North West, moving on to co-managing a team of scaleup engagement managers across the UK and more recently promoted to mid-stage scaling lead focusing on our flagship Upscale programme.

“I’ve met so many incredible founders, investors and stakeholders along the way, worked with some brilliant colleagues and partners and was privileged enough to be involved with supporting the Exchange Enterprise City programme in Manchester.

“I’m so incredibly proud of all the work that we’ve done over the years and I hope that the UK tech ecosystem continues to go from strength to strength. I’ll always be extremely grateful for the role that I played in supporting it.”

Anna Korzeniowska, head of customer experience at Tech Nation, wrote: “It’s been a sad day for all of us – after close to a decade of incredibly successful and impactful work within the tech ecosystem, supporting startups and scaling businesses, many of which went on to become UK tech unicorns and decacorns, Tech Nation has reached the end of the road. I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the most ambitious and innovative scaling leaders, as well as the incredibly talented and driven Tech Nationers team.

“I know they will all go on to do great things, and continue supporting the wider tech sector – with that being said, if you are looking for talent there’s plenty of it here at Tech Nation.

“For now the work continues, our team will make sure the next two months are something to be remembered.”

Lydia Hawthorn, ex-delivery lead at Tech Nation, said: “As an ex-Tech Nationer I’m gutted to see this special space coming to an end but so proud of all TN achieved. It’s where I built my huge and awesome team. It’s where I became a working mum for the first time. And it’s where I found my place in the tech scene at events I could have only dreamed of.

“Tech Nation is an organisation full of so many capable and passionate people and brought real impact to the tech space when others past, present and future struggled to do so. So many things to thank Tech Nation for and the ecosystem will be worse off for losing them.”

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