Posted on May 24, 2018 by staff

Tech hub offers kids free half-term bootcamps


A city centre tech hub is hosting a number of free bootcamps for tech-loving children this half-term.

The sessions at Manchester-based Sync will boost the digital skills of children aged six and over with fun activities in creativity and coding.

Code Club will teach kids how to use Swift Playgrounds, a programming language created by Apple. Swift is one of the top ten industry languages to learn and will give children the skills they need to build their own apps.

Kids can also learn how to programme a spherical robot. This challenging yet fun session will see children use an iPad to guide their own real-life robot through a maze.

As well as getting to grips with coding, Sync and GBM are giving kids across Manchester the chance to hone their music and filmmaking skills in Creative Club.

Video with iMovie sessions will teach children how to produce their very own film trailer from scratch. They will come up with fun film ideas, learn basic camera techniques and how to shoot footage using the iPad, before creating a professional movie trailer using the iMovie app.

For children with an interest in music, the Creative Club GarageBand session will be unmissable. Using the iPad, kids will get to grips with creating their own beats using a range of instruments. By the end of the session, they’ll know how to record their own rock, hip hop or EDM track.

No child will be left out from boosting their digital skills as iPads are provided for all the sessions, though children are welcome to bring their own.

Scott Bordoni, education sales manager at GBM, said: “We’re very excited to host these free sessions in partnership with Sync to help Manchester’s kids get to grips with Apple technology over half term.

“Technology has so many possibilities and getting young people involved in these fun sessions is the perfect way to introduce them to everything they can do with Apple products.”