Posted on February 16, 2017 by staff

Tech firm Fissara chooses Manchester ‘hub’ for rapid growth


Software development firm Fissara has opened a new base on Manchester, picking up major clients including Motorola and 02 Telefonica.

The company, established in 2013, will expand its team to 10, and has taken on three apprentices at The Millbrook Business Centre in Wythenshawe.

A revolutionary field force management software platform, Fissara is the brain child of Jon Holttum and Nick Lawford.

The pair worked together at Airwave Solutions developing software systems to support the emergency services.

Their platform is an entirely adaptable, cloud-based, system which allows businesses to manage people, processes, stocks and schedules.

It is designed to deliver greater operational efficiencies and reduce costs as well as to improve customer service and productivity.

Holttum described Manchester as the UK’s hub for digital technology development, and said he expects the business to grow in the  city.

He added: “We need access to great people who have the right skills and experience to help us achieve the rapid growth we anticipate as we roll out our product nationwide and we believe that those people are to be found right here in Manchester.

“Fissara is creating real disruption in the operations management market by totally changing the way companies run and buy this type of software.

“It has had a strong early uptake because it is entirely adaptable to the unique needs of each individual company. It has already helped clients to secure more tendered business, as they can demonstrate that they have embedded this sophisticated management software into their operations ahead of the competition and can deliver an improved service to their clients.

“Other systems just do not have the flexibility which fissara can deliver and we identified that gap in the market early on and set out to create and deliver a platform which we firmly believe will become the UK’s market leading product.”

fissara features easy to use drag and drop visual work schedules and interacts with real-time maps and other platforms to calculate travel times and logical routes or service schedules to maximize the available time for workforces.