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Synopsis for October edition of BusinessCloud


This is the synopsis for the October edition of the UK’s newest tech magazine BusinessCloud.

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100 women role models of tech

Technology might be playing an increasingly important part of business but fewer than 20 per cent of people working in the sector are women and the figure is showing no sign of increasing. BusinessCloud will be producing our inaugural ‘100 women role models of tech’ list.

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Creating a world-class, digital hospital

Technology has transformed healthcare. Improving treatment and empowering patients are just two of the ways it has done so – and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital has used tech to change its former image as a Victorian hospital into one as a world-class, digital hospital. Iain Hennessey, the hospital’s clinical lead for innovation, explains how it’s being done.

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Artificial intelligence in the NHS

Artificial intelligence is transforming the NHS. DeepMind, the British start-up bought by Google and which has carried out ground-breaking work on AI, is working with NHS hospitals on a number of initiatives. They include alerting staff to the risk of kidney failure in patients and revolutionising the way professionals carry out eye tests and lead to earlier detection of common eye diseases. BusinessCloud will look at what AI means for the NHS.

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Tech in a post Brexit world

When the UK voted for Brexit a giant billboard was driven around London calling on tech entrepreneurs to quit London and relocate to Berlin. Some saw the funny side but given the fact that the tech sector was largely opposed to Brexit, the underlying threat was obvious. Fifty technology chiefs then called on entrepreneurs to “look forward, not back” in an open letter to the London Evening Standard. BusinessCloud will look at what Brexit means for the tech sector and where Europe’s other tech hotspots are, including Berlin, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden.

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Why Just Eat is changing the world

Have you spotted a ‘Just Eat’ sign on a restaurant or takeaway near you? The online food order and delivery service is a technology phenomenon and is continuing to use tech to push the boundary of what is possible. Katherine Lofthouse spoke to Just Eat’s CEO David Buttress.

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Technology in restaurants

Tech is omnipresent in the way we book a table; order our food; pay the bill; and write a review of our meal. Some restaurants even allow diners to watch their food being prepared via ‘chef cam’. By the clever use of Big Data, restaurants are better able to target their customers with bespoke offers. BusinessCloud will shine a light on tech in the restaurant sector and examine where it goes next.

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Technology in hotels

From a robot concierge to take your luggage, personalised mood-lighting at the swipe of an iPad, bedrooms equipped with techno walls, super strength Wi-Fi and iPhones to unlock the door, technology has transformed the hotel industry. For years hotels have recognised the value of technology in streamlining the booking process, marketing and reviews, but tech is now at a whole new level. BusinessCloud will look at some of the world’s most techy hotels and see how new entrants to the market are utilising tech.

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Creating a viral social media campaign

Once the stronghold of teens and naval-gazing celebrities, social media is now a vital part of any brand strategy and a fun way for businesses to engage both current and potential clients. We quiz three social media experts on the secrets of creating a viral social media campaign.

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Regional review – Lancashire

It may not get the attention of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle, but Lancashire has its own tech story going on. Lancashire’s Local Enterprise Partnership has identified creative and digital as one of the county’s key business sectors. Lancashire is home to burgeoning tech companies like Daisy, Exertis, ROQ, Utiligroup, Elite Telecoms and Vibe Tickets while Euxton Lane Developments has submitted plans for a digital health park near Chorley that will create 700 jobs. BusinessCloud will look at the strength of Lancashire’s digital and tech sector.

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How technology is changing retail roundtable

BusinessCloud brought together a panel of retail and tech experts to discuss where the sector is going.

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Big Data and what it means for business roundtable

BusinessCloud hosted a roundtable discussion involving a panel of academics and businesses to discuss the importance of Big Data to business.

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Tech North interview

Richard Gregory is the new man behind Tech North and spoke to BusinessCloud about the region’s flourishing digital sector and what his plans are.

What is it really like in Silicon Valley?

US tech entrepreneur Tom Gillis is CEO of Bracket Computing, which has secured $130M in funding from top tier VC firms. He spoke to BusinessCloud about his latest venture and what life is like in Silicon Valley.

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Facial recognition – is it the face of things to come?

Findface is a new facial recognition app which allows users to find anyone’s social media profile using only a picture of their face. It has rocketed to success in Russia but how does the technology work and where does it go next?

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