Posted on June 26, 2018 by staff

Storytelling app Unfold passes three million users


A social media storytelling app has clocked up three million users within a few months of being launched.

BusinessCloud reported three weeks ago how Unfold has become a global sensation despite not running a single marketing campaign or taking on any funding.

Since we broke the story, the platform – beloved by the likes of fashion and beauty vlogger Zoella – has added another 800,000 users and shows no signs of slowing down.

The New York-based founding team of Alfonso Cobo and Andy McCune (pictured below) were inspired to act because they felt the current storytelling tools used by social media were too limited.

The duo decided to create a platform that would create beautiful and engaging stories. It works by uploading different pages with visuals and text which users can then also share to other social media platforms quickly and easily.

Cobo and McCune have been collaborating with Steven Bartlett, CEO of the Social Chain Group, who revealed the new landmark on Twitter.

He wrote: “Last week Unfold flew past 3 million users, the app is currently at the top of the charts in various European markets and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

“A very exciting story is unfolding – pun intended! Credit to the founders and the growing team.”

Cobo (pictured above) and McCune put their success down to the way that storytelling is changing in a digital age.

High-profile fans, along with some self-funding, has meant the 11-strong team has gone viral without any active marketing or external funding.

McCune told BusinessCloud recently: “We’ve been inundated with VC and investor requests and we’ve considered raising but opted out because want to build a cash sustainable company… we’re not closing any doors but for now are staying self-funded and want to continue to grow in the most sustainable way possible.”