Flight Story, the digital marketing and communications company co-founded by Steven Bartlett, has acquired a Web3 marketing collective.

The BBC Dragon’s deal for 100% of marketing company Zebu Digital and its conference Zebu Live will see the launch of Flight3 – described as a new innovation marketing arm.

Flight Story was founded by Bartlett – co-founder of Social Chain and thirdweb – and Oliver Yonchev, former MD of Social Chain AG. It comprises Flight Studio (a creative studio), Flight Deck (a social listening tool) and R. Agency (a communications agency).

The acquisition of Zebu strengthens Flight Story’s services and capabilities in web3, AI and VR strategy, content, comms and media, the company says.

Brothers Harry and Jolyon Layard Horsfall founded Zebu with their close friend Henry Hankin in 2021 as the digital world saw a colossal upheaval. Web3 and blockchain boomed, and many companies didn’t know how to keep up. 

To give brands a fighting chance in the evolving landscape, Harry, Jolyon and Henry built Zebu, forming a 30-strong team that accelerates Web3 and innovation projects – working with brands including Solana, Tezos, OKX and NEAR who are set to change the world. 

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“‘Web 3.0’ is already on its way to becoming a multi-trillion dollar industry,” said Bartlett. “Flight Story endeavours to be the most advanced marketing agency in the world, to do that, we need people who are native to the technology that the future will be built on. 

“That’s why Zebu is the perfect addition to the Flight Story team – they further our mission of keeping brands at the very forefront of what’s possible.”

The new Flight3 division of Flight Story will focus on providing Web3-focused community growth, influencer marketing, social media, content marketing, brand design & animation, PR and live events. Zebu Live, the brands’ Web3 conference, will remain as a core part of the Flight3 offering. 

Yonchev added: “During a time of fast growth within the Flight Story business, we are excited to be launching Flight3 as part of our Flight Story ecosystem. The company perfectly embodies our values and the new team will strengthen Flight Story’s expertise in community building and new technologies.”

Harry Horsfall, CEO of Flight3, said: “Since we met Steven and Oliver, we instantly connected on our excitement for the changing digital landscape. We can’t wait to become fully embedded and integrate into Flight Story’s marketing and communication services.”

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