HealthTech startup Longlive has launched its app for healthy ageing in the UK health and social care market. 

Longlive’s mission is to make the latest technology available, free of charge, to all older adults, thus enabling system-wide improvements in the prevention, detection and management of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure).

It combines sensors and credible medical and healthy lifestyle content to provide real-time advice to people with chronic disease, enabling them to live longer, happier lives.

Chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension are the most common diseases associated with ageing, and with a cost to the NHS of £12 billion per year, their burden on the system is stark.  By helping to prevent, detect and manage chronic disease, Longlive ultimately aims to relieve increasing pressures on primary care, community and NHS services.

Based at the Health Foundry London, Longlive is promising to distribute 10 million smartwatches for free to the most deserving, underserved users in the next five years.

Longlive watch

Its offering comprises a health-focused smartwatch which monitors 10 health data points including heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, ECG and fall detection. Its personalised coaching app provides expert advice to help detect, prevent and manage chronic disease, while artificial intelligence learns from the user’s behaviour and patterns to provide tailored health alerts and reminders.

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Longlive also includes a wide range of specialist content on mental health, exercise and nutrition in the form of easy-to-follow articles, videos and podcasts.

“The launch of Longlive comes at a pivotal time.  With the health and social care sector under significant pressure and 1 in 3 adults worldwide living with multiple chronic conditions, there is a crucial need to tackle chronic disease in new and innovative ways,” said Hammad Ahmed, founder and CEO. 

“Longlive supports health and social care practitioners and family caregivers by providing the right insights and tools for better management of chronic disease.  By empowering individuals to effectively manage chronic conditions, we can prioritise prevention, reduce hospital stays and create a more sustainable healthcare systems for future generations.”

R&D projects in development include monitoring blood pressure and blood glucose. Meanwhile an app empowering family caregivers to look after their loved ones even when they are not physically there is also due for launch in 2023.

The Longlive app is now available for download via the App store or Google Play.

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