SPORTSESSION.COM has launched a sports coaching platform which provides simple and streamlined access to find a sports coach in a sport of your choice. 

Available across the UK, it enables access to over 1,400 coaches across 64 different sports. 

Providing both online and in-person sessions at the click of a button, the platform can transform how the corporate sector supports employees with sporting and wellness activity offerings – both in and out of the office. 

With the hybrid working model adopted by many, and employees working between home and the office, the amount of physical contact time has reduced. SPORTSESSION.COM allows companies to provide social physical activity sessions for their employees, leading to improved mental health, higher productivity and enhanced company culture. 

Crucially, it gives the freedom of choice over to a company’s staff. Providing credits where employees can choose what activity they want to do is expected to increase uptake over the standard gym membership, where access is automatically provided as part of an employee wellbeing scheme and may not be wanted or used. 

It comes as previous research found that Britons have wasted up to £4 billion a year on unused gym memberships, whilst 59% of Brits reportedly took up a new hobby during the pandemic.  

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Inspired by the effects on people’s physical and mental health following the COVID-19 pandemic, gives people of all abilities the choice of sports such as boxing, skiing, yoga, CrossFit, tennis and horse riding, as well as access to nutritionists, sports psychologists and physiotherapists.  

Businesses using the platform can benefit from an account manager to help improve uptake amongst employees. 

Meanwhile, for the coaches – SPORTSESSION.COM provides them with the platform to find business and establish new clients.  

“We wanted to put sport back into the centre of people’s lives, enabling them to re-engage with their physical self and to recapture the sense of freedom they had as a kid,” said co-founder Jad El Omeiri.

“Having a more active workforce helps people to be more productive and companies to be more successful, whilst also improving corporate culture.”

Head of coaching Sam Eyre added:  “Gyms can be a little bit one-dimensional – indoors, with air that is typically coming through a conditioning system. 

“Ultimately, we want to bring people together through sport, we want to bring people into nature and we want to make people understand that sport is for absolutely everybody.”

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