Posted on December 20, 2016 by staff

Social network based on 6 degrees of separation wins backer


A social media app based on the ‘six degrees of separation’ rule has been backed by a £100,000 investment.

Pogo Limited uses a ‘bouncing’ function as its USP, which allows a user to distribute information around their contacts, which is then forwarded to others, creating a chain.

Anyone who downloads the app will then be set a series of challenges – such as ‘bouncing’ a photograph to every continent in the world.

The new way of sharing content, managed by Northstar Ventures, has now been backed by the Finance for Business North East Proof of Concept Fund.

Its developers see it sitting somewhere between Snapchat and Instagram.

Jack Francis, Founder and MD, told BDaily: “Pogo came from the idea of the ‘six degrees of separation’- the notion that you can be linked to anyone in the world in six steps or less.

“We thought it would be really cool to see who you are connected to globally, through social media. This concept, combined with our image tracking software, led to Pogo being born.

“The investment from Northstar Ventures will allow us to bring on new staff, run the marketing campaign for the app’s launch and lease some new offices.

“As for the future, we would love to become the new go-to social media app for people looking to have their media shared all over the world.”

The Pogo app will also offer companies analytics, including heat maps showing where in the world their media is being shared.