Posted on October 10, 2016 by staff

Social Chain takes on Lad Bible with merged SPORF brand


Influencer marketing agency Social Chain is taking on popular lad culture communities The Lad Bible and with its merged SPORF brand.

The Manchester firm is bringing together 10 of its popular spoof accounts, including BBC SPORF and Futbol Sport, to compete with the hugely popular content producers.

It said SPORF, which it will continue to curate, will offer “a unique take on sports journalism for a millennial audience” and be community-driven.

It intends to “hand back the power to the fan by opening up the conversation to anyone and everyone with a passion for sport”.

The audience already stands at 14million thanks to the power of the individual 10 accounts.

“SPORF serves as a refreshing alternative to the more traditional and standardised way of reporting,” said Marcello Fabiano, head of sport at SPORF.

“Our aim is to give a new take on sports journalism and offer light-hearted and humorous content that appeals to a younger audience.

“SPORF will be unique in the fact that it will offer community-centric content and will capture not only the action of the game but also the emotion and excitement of being a young sports fan.

“To take fan participation to a new level we are also planning to launch SPORF FC which will be the first social media influencer-based football tournament.”

Former footballers Rio Ferdinand and Kenny Dalglish were among the sports personalities who helped launch SPORF with teaser videos.

CEO Steve Barlett told BusinessCloud recently that Social Chain can be a “billion-pound company”.

The team runs hundreds of social media pages across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other channels. Among its Twitter accounts are @BeFitMotivation – which has 1.67 million followers – @BritishLogic and @PrimarySklProbs.

The firm has run campaigns for global brands such as Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, MTV, Spotify, Microsoft, the UFC, Huawei and PUMA. It can get hashtags trending within minutes and claims to have a total reach of 300m people.

He also said he had to create his own birthdays and Christmases as his parents were poor and said Social Chain is “the biggest victim of plagiarism” following accusations of plagiarising content from Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit.