Linkup, a Manchester-founded social app that makes it easier to meet new people, has raised £450,000 in pre-seed funding. 

The app, launching in Q4 2022, aims to revolutionise how we socialise. The pre-seed raise, with investment from angel investors and high-profile individuals, has helped the team lay the foundations to fully develop the app and hit the market this year.

Linkup paves the way for like-minded people to forge new connections, and build friendships based on common interests. 

The app has sparked interest amongst big names in the entertainment industry, including musicians, footballers and YouTubers.

Casyo ‘Krept’ Johnson, one half of music duo Krept & Konan and an early Linkup investor, said: “When I saw what Linkup was doing I was immediately interested. It’s very unique and no one else is connecting people simply and quickly in this way. 

“I truly believe what they’re building is going to be a game changer. I saw how I could use this personally but also professionally as an artist. 

“The applications are endless, hence the huge size of the opportunity. This is why I decided to personally invest and help support the business.”

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Linkup joined forces with app development firm Tappable. Users swipe through different types of linkups, from sociable drinks to a game of tennis. Users can simply request to join a linkup, and once the creator accepts they’ll be added to the linkup group chat, which features all the event details, including the specific location, with integrated safety features.

Linkup was founded by Jack Peagam and Ben Whatson, who have seen the way young people’s mental health has steadily declined in recent years and were determined to create a fun and exciting app that connects people together over common interests and hobbies. They also have two previous startup ventures between them.

Linkup platform

“The pandemic hit everyone hard, and it was daunting to meet new people once restrictions were lifted, let alone taking into account how reliant most generations are now on their digital screens,” said Peagam. 

“After two years of social distancing, people are still struggling to develop new friendships, get to know new cities they’ve moved to, or even discover new hobbies. 

“We wanted to create something that actively supports users to get back out into the real world, go on adventures, and do more of what they love. 

“This investment has brought our business vision to life and supported us to build the fundamentals of the app and we can’t wait to launch Linkup to the public later this year.” 

Linkup is currently searching for student ambassadors based in Manchester. Ambassador perks include free merchandise, rewards and exclusive events. To pre-register for the app visit or sign up to be an ambassador here.

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