Rithum, a smart technology system designed to integrate into a home or business, has secured £250,000 seed funding.

The round was led by early-stage focused venture capital firm Jenson Funding Partners, with participation from the Capital Pilot Boost Fund as well as a Crowdcube campaign raising £87,000. 

The seed funding will be used to launch an enhanced version of its product, further develop its hardware and software plug-in technology and attract top software engineering talent.

Previously known as VIOLET, Rithum changed its name to a derivative of Rhythm and Human.

Smart devices are used in homes and industry settings, but to achieve full control of an environment often require multiple devices that can be complex to set up. Rithum aims to solve this with SmartSwitch Lite, a control panel that replaces a standard light switch and combines audio, lighting and climate control into a singular system. 

Users can change the settings of the panel depending on their personal preferences, without the need for an additional app or secondary device. In January 2023, the SmartSwitch Lite’s successor will become known as Rithum Switch.

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The singular hardware device acts as an all-in-one control panel hub, combining multiple sensors with the ability to install various software plug-ins developed by Rithum. The variety of plug-ins available mean that the Rithum Switch can be adapted for different industries and sectors; it also acts as a thermostat. Settings and new features can be updated remotely, cutting down the need for callouts and expensive hardware upgrades.

Since being founded in 2020, Rithum has sold over 1,600 devices and hundreds of plug-ins, and has been distributed across multiple European markets. Founder Ryan Ovens and the Rithum team aim to continue the development of their software plug-ins to make Rithum’s premium offering more widely available.

“After over a decade of designing luxury smart home systems and also as a consumer myself, I’ve seen the challenges first-hand in the market,” said Ryan Ovens, founder and CEO. 

“Too often, it’s nearly impossible to find a smart system with premium usability without the luxury price tag. Online systems lack the finishes and options to be fully functional in a home space, and it’s complicated to choose compatible systems, let alone set them up then keep them working. 

“We think that by focusing on one control panel that can be effortlessly implemented, used, and maintained, the entire market will open up – and this latest round of funding will enable us to hire the talent we need to get there.”

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