Posted on March 9, 2018 by staff

Sir Nick Clegg backs homecare start-up Cera


Sir Nick Clegg has been appointed as chairman of the advisory board at Cera, the award-winning, technology-enabled homecare provider, chairing his first advisory board meeting on February 28th.

Cera’s matching algorithm and automated scheduling systems allow for the arrangement of home care within 24 hours, while fully taking into consideration a patient’s needs and preferences.

It also uses artificial intelligence to predict deteriorations in users’ health, permitting earlier intervention and more proactive care.

Speaking on his appointment, the former deputy prime minister said: “The country faces huge challenges in the funding and provision of social care, and it is clear that fresh and innovative thinking is required to meet them.

“We are only just beginning to see the potential of technology in public services and I am enormously excited by the work that Cera is doing – particularly through the use of artificial intelligence – in this area.

“I have been especially impressed by the way that Cera’s innovative way of providing care has succeeded in reducing the number of elderly clients who end up in hospital.

“Far too many vulnerable elderly people languish in hospital beds when they could be looked after better in their own home or in residential settings. I am looking forward to working with Ben and his award-winning team.”

Dr. Ben Maruthappu, co-founder and CEO of Cera said: “We are delighted to have Nick join us as we seek to transform social care using digital and AI.

“He has tremendous experience, both in the UK and internationally, and is admired by many for his commitment to improving public sector services using technology.

“Nick brings a wealth of ideas and insights, that will strengthen both Cera’s ambitions and our delivery of innovation in social care, improving services for patients while reducing costs for the taxpayer.”

Cera also has significantly lower overheads compared to traditional care companies, allowing it to pay its carers 50 per cent higher than the industry average while still offering affordable rates for customers.

This results in recruitment of experienced, capable carers that are well trained and provide the highest quality care.

Cera has provided hundreds of thousands of care hours with a 99 per cent satisfaction rating and has partnered with the NHS to deliver care across a population of five million people.

It is one of the best-rated care providers in the country and has been recognised by the government’s Cabinet Office as a role model for innovative businesses partnering with the public sector.