Posted on July 5, 2017 by staff

Simple language is key to cyber security


The security industry needs to look at itself in the fight against cyber-crime, according to a leading expert.

David Carroll is managing director of Gloucestershire-based XQ Digital Resilience, which states that “cyber security should be less complex and better value” on its website.

He believes the responsibility for mitigating technology risk lies with cyber security experts themselves.

“We need to get a lot better at explaining complex issues in a language that businesses will understand,” he told BusinessCloud.

“We need to help them get better in a way that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.”

Cyber-crime is now run as a business and there has been an increase in reported incidents. Yet many firms are burying their heads in the sand.

The NHS was among a multitude of global organisations targeted by a large-scale ransomware attack called WannaCry, which experts believe originated in North Korea.

Such an attack occurs when someone is tricked into downloading malware which encrypts files on their computer or network and a ransom demand is made for their release.

Jorge Fernandez, VP global commerce for the Metro Atlanta Chamber, told us recently that it is time that firms took the same care in cyberspace as they do when installing physical security.

Meanwhile Paul Harris, managing director of Manchester-based Secarma, says that half of all cyber-attacks are upon small firms which could be destroyed overnight.