Posted on November 19, 2015 by staff

Security Key to Digital Transformation


Security firm Exceet warns new security approaches must be developed to enable future technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Senior system specialist at PTC, Sebastian Bergner, told attendees at PTC LiveWorx Europe in Germany: “One of the most important building blocks of the digital transformation and smart connected products is security.

“In the future, we will go to systems of systems, which means we will need a secure and trusted ecosystem from the sensor to the user.”

PTC and Exceet are working together to create the basis for a trusted ecosystem that is open to all industry players.

Lead for IoT at Exceet Secure Solutions, Bjorn Peters, said: “We want to address the next level of security which we feel is needed for a future where we expect billions of machines and devices to be talking to each other automatically.

“In this scenario, in which even machines from competitors may be talking to each other to enable certain services, there has to be assurance that all communications are allowed and can be revoked easily if necessary.”

Peters believes there’s a need for something to secure a whole ecosystem that goes beyond connectivity security and virtual private networks.

He added: “Security is not optional, but it is something that you need from the start. It is something you need to be prepared for.

“Exceet and PTC believe there is a need for a platform to meet the need for a secure device identity lifecycle, which could encourage even more companies to enter the field of IoT.”