Scottish sensor technology scale-up Novosound has secured a patent for its ultrasonic instrumentation system.

The company, which is led by Dr Dave Hughes, recently launched its Slanj platform to target the medical and wearable device sectors worldwide.

The milestone marks Novosound’s 21st patent awarded since 2018, and gives the company the exclusive rights to sell the technology that has underpinned leading research in Scotland and the US into wireless, wearable ultrasound.

It will allow Novosound to market the groundbreaking tech and integrate and licence the technology with smartwatch partners.

Hughes said: “I’m really proud that Novosound has obtained the first patent for a wearable ultrasound system. This allows us to integrate and license the technology with smartwatch partners, looking deeper into the body and enhancing the measurements their optical and electrical sensors provide, opening up the holy grail of 24/7 blood pressure monitoring on the wrist.”

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Novosound is also progressing patent applications for its wearable technology worldwide, while ongoing research and pilot projects are continuing with global tech giants, including around muscle activity and blood pressure monitoring in smartwatches, and with institutions like the Texas Medical Centre.

Hughes added: “This technology builds on the legacy of ultrasound in Scotland, where it was first demonstrated as a medical diagnostic technique at the University of Glasgow in 1954, and now as a Scottish company moves it out of the hospital and into the home via a wearable device.”

Novosound is forecasting its fourth year in a row of annual revenue growth, powered by strong growth in North American markets.

The company, which was the University of the West of Scotland’s first ever spinout in 2018, has raised over £10m since appointing former Intel executive David Jolliffe as CFO last year.

Par Equity-backed Novosound has also announced commercial contracts with Nasdaq-listed PAVmed Inc., and partnerships including with the Texas Medical Centre, strengthening its position in fast-growing digital health markets.

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