ToDate, a ‘same day’ dating app which prioritises secure online dating, has launched in the UK. 

The app aims to enable single adults to set up a date with like-minded individuals for the very same day, reducing time wasted swiping for hours on end and saying goodbye to endless conversations.

The founders also claim that it eliminates the safety and catfishing concerns associated with dating apps.

ToDate allows users to select an activity they are interested in doing, from going for drinks to a walk in the park. They then set the time they are available and are matched with people who have selected an interest in similar dating activities. The more dates that users have in common with each other, the higher they appear on each other’s list of potential dates.


Recent research found that 74% of millennials and GenZers use dating apps. However, 84% of millennials would rather find love ‘in real life’ than online, and 21% of Britons are steering clear of dating apps until a better vetting process is established. 

All users that sign up for ToDate have to be fully ID verified and approved via AWS photo recognition software. ToDate has partnered with Credas to undertake the identity verification, and each user must take a live selfie which is cross checked across all other submitted photos to resolve catfishing.

The app was founded by Nick Purewal, CEO, and Mani Kular, CPO. It is now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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“Having experienced the online dating scene myself, we wanted to create a dating solution for single people who don’t want to deal with the drawn-out, and very often pointless, process of messaging someone for weeks on end only for it to not work out or end prematurely,” said Kular.

“ToDate resolves this by connecting like-minded people and enabling them to set up a date the very same day.”

Purewal added: “Safety and security is a real concern on the online dating scene, which is why ID verification was such a priority for us. 

“We have created an environment which not only streamlines the dating process, but also one where users will hopefully feel more safe and comfortable than ever before through an online date service.”

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