Posted on May 4, 2017 by staff

Robots ‘won’t replace warehouse workers’


An industrial automation expert has said warehouse workers should not fear the march of robotics.

Tim Young is director at Vero Solutions, which provides warehouse tracking systems as part of the Harland Simon group.

He told BusinessCloud: “One of the most interesting developments in the future warehouse will be the role of AI and robots.

“Warehouse workers have no need to fear, though, as robots will be working alongside, and learning from, employees – not replacing them.”

Vero uses a range of advanced location technologies to track people, assets and inventory to improve efficiency, profitability and safety.

It provides data and tools to analyse operations on a minute-by-minute basis.

“Most of us are impacted by the efficiency of warehouses without even realising it,” Young continued.

“The speed of deliveries, how warehouses affect the environment and how simple it is to return unwanted items are all things that have, or will, directly affect us all.

“We should all be excited to see the changes that the future warehouse is expected to bring.

“The revolutionising of warehouses could be improving the efficiency of our day to day lives very soon.”

The interactive graphic below from Vero illustrates this.