Posted on February 3, 2020 by staff

Purple launches BT Engagement service


Purple has launched its BT Engagement service.

The intelligent Wi-Fi firm based in the North West says it will help enterprise businesses to understand key demographics of their customers such as name and age, hobbies and interests.

It says it gives users a level of insight that was previously only available for online websites, enabling businesses to enrich their current CRM data and tailor hyper-personalised marketing communications to their in-store customers.

Businesses will be able to segment data and use this to build more in-depth customer profiles, ensuring that the most relevant offers are being sent out to those most likely to engage.

Purple’s SMS and email marketing will allow users to send real-time messaging to entice purchases. Businesses can also target those that have previously visited, encouraging store re-visits via promotions and upcoming events.

The partnership will provide businesses who use the service the ability to create custom-branded ‘splash pages’ aimed at enhancing the customer login experience.

Within this space, users will be able to promote a range of features including loyalty schemes, app downloads, and upcoming promotional events through the use of static content, video, and redirects after login.

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “?We already work with many of the biggest and best service providers around the world, we have long wanted to add BT to that list as we are a UK company so I am thrilled to now have them as a partner and look forward to bringing the combined offer to the UK market.?”

Bruce Cuthbert, Director Connectivity and Commercial Sport at BT, said: “The introduction of BT Engagement, in partnership with Purple, will give businesses – particularly those in the retail, on-trade, F&B and leisure sectors – the opportunity to get closer to their customers.

“Our new insight and engagement features will help high street businesses to connect with their customers in the online world and turn insight data into smarter marketing and profitable customer communications.

“Today’s announcement sees the completion of our wi-fi line-up; from network design and build to fully managed, best in class guest wi-fi and now advanced insight and engagement capabilities, BT can offer a true-to-end service to large-scale businesses.”