PMY Group, a full-service technology solutions provider specialising in enhancing the infrastructure, experience, operations, and intelligence of venues and major events globally, has signed a global partnership with music recognition technology company Audoo.

This collaboration marks a strategic move to ensure artists receive fair royalties when their work is used at such events, heralding a new era in live event technology and royalty management.

Various music industry figures have estimated that unclaimed music royalties run into billions of dollars annually due to a lack of transparent and accurate reporting, PMY and Audoo have joined forces to address this shortfall. This partnership not only aims to deliver fair royalty payments for artists but also sets the stage for a transformative approach in managing music performances at large-scale events.

Audoo – revolutionising royalty reporting through data

PMY services over 1,000 clients across diverse sectors in 14 countries, offering technology infrastructure and solutions that pave the way for innovation in public venues and major events. As the busy European summer season approaches, complete with over 400 music festivals and countless sporting events and concerts, PMY plans to incorporate Audoo’s ground-breaking Audio Meter straight into the tech stack of these mass event venues. 

The Audio Meter music recognition technology, backed by music legends such as Sir Elton John, which supplies improved, accurate and transparent public performance data to make it easier to recognise in quasi-real time where and when music is being played and how the royalties should be paid. 

Meet former rock star making sweet music with Audoo

The GDPR-compliant devices, which don’t compromise on public privacy, are currently being rolled out across Europe, the Middle East and Australasia to track and report every song played in public performance locations like cafes, bars, hair salons, restaurants, gyms and retail locations. 

“There is a lack of automation over what music is played at huge events like festivals and in massive stadiums, they’re complicated operations with multiple locations that need to be accounted for,” said Ryan Edwards, founder and CEO of Audoo, which topped our MediaTech 50 ranking this year.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with PMY, such a respected world leader in tech design and management, to help Audoo deliver a fairer and more transparent music industry for artists all over the world.”

Oliver Guy Watkins at PMY Group said: “Incorporating Audoo’s innovative technology into our event solutions underscores PMY’s role as a forward-thinking entity in the technology sector, committed to ensuring the music industry’s sustainability and nurturing the next generation of headline acts.”

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