Posted on March 20, 2020 by staff

Pet care platform aims for 1,000 ‘pet-sitters’ in first year


A tech entrepreneur inspired by her own pet dogs has said her new pet care platform is aiming to have 1,000 pet sitters secured within the next 12 months.

Sheena Evolution, the founder and CEO of House My Pet, launched the platform in January. It uses data about an owner’s pets to match them with a professional pet carer.

The platform offers access to pet sitters for cats and dogs, but also extends to birds, fish and horses.

“Our expectation is to have a minimum of 1,000 UK-based professional pet carers registered to the platform, in addition to developing internationally,” said Evolution.

“We are looking to include professional pet sitters from Europe and the US, so our growth plans include target expectations for both UK and international markets within the next 12 months.”

Evolution said that having lived in Spain with her Chihuahua Summer, she had become used having her pet accompany her to work, restaurants and social events. But after moving back to the UK, she found the country’s tighter travel restrictions difficult.

“House My Pet was created for Summer and she continues to be the heart of the company. The whole concept was inspired by her; wanting the best for other pets just like her, who deserve the love, care and safety of other pet carers while their owners are away from home,” she said.

Evolution said her tech entrepreneurship journey had a “rocky start” after disagreements with a web development agency, and the delays in getting product to market risked competition beating her to launch.

But after finding a mentor in Mobica CTO Jim Carroll, via Tech Manchester, and a business advisor from PeoplePlus, Evolution said she found her resolve.

“They helped rebuild my trust and confidence by involving me in match-making events, ensuring that I found the right web developers,” she said.

“I was right to keep believing in my product despite the setbacks, and I feel so accomplished for ignoring the doubts and persisting with my vision.”

The firm has to date been financed entirely by Evolution, but the entrepreneur said she is considering investment in future, having received “a great deal of interest from investors since the platform went live”.

Evolution said she now has two goals. The first is to be the leading pet-sitting platform nationally and internationally. The second is to invest some of the start-up’s profits into honouring its inspiration, Summer, who passed away last month.

“Summer was a rescue dog and it is my great hope that her legacy will be to carry on helping others. The profits raised by House My Pet will ultimately go towards building animal shelters under her name. ‘The Summer Sunshine Foundation’ – watch this space!”