The creators of Busby have officially rebranded the app to Flare.

Flare, which featured in fourth spot on our recent TransportTech 50 ranking, is a personal safety app used by cyclists and other road users.

Working with the sensors in their smartphone phone, it can detect if there is a likelihood that a user has been involved in an incident. The app then begins a 30-second countdown: if there is no movement or response from the user, their exact location is sent to emergency contacts, using What3Words, so help can arrive quickly. 

Users can also locate their friends and family through the GroupSafe feature and call for community assistance if they ever need help, which alerts other Flare users.

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The startup has made the change to better reflect the aim and mission of providing life-saving technology to everyone and make the brand more internationally recognisable.

After realising that the technology can be used for a wider range and variety of activities, it is targeting a growing and diverse audience with users across the globe. It already has users in 129 countries.

“We want to make Flare as widely used as possible by integrating it into partner apps across the world,” said co-founder and chief operations officer James Duffy. 

“We want people to think or know of Flare as ‘the technology for protection’.”

‘Cycling app saved my life after I was left unconscious’

Users are also rewarded for using the app via Sweatcoins, a type of currency which can be redeemed in exchange for exclusive rewards. Flare Premium users have access to exclusive partners and higher discounts.

To download the free app today, head here: