Flare is an incident prevention app that protects its users to confidently travel with peace of mind. 

After Barry Green was involved in a road accident whilst out on his bike, he and co-founders James Duffy and Kirk Ryan were inspired to help protect individuals by enhancing their safety through a mobile app. 

Now six years after inception, the innovative technology is capable of detecting incidents and falls. The app – which rebranded from Busby at the start of 2022 – transforms your phone into an intelligent incident detector that runs in the background and can automatically protect you each time you leave your house using its SmartStart function. 

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If a Flare user happens to experience an incident and impact is detected, Flare will give them 30 seconds to respond. If the user is unresponsive, their live location will be sent using What3words to their emergency contacts so that they can provide the necessary help. This is enabled by Flare’s algorithm, the most accurate in the world with an accuracy rate of 99.99%.

With users in 129 countries, Flare can verify three lives have been saved through the protection of the app since its launch in November 2019. Co-founder and Operations Director Duffy said: “We want to make Flare as widely used as possible by integrating it into partner apps across the world. We want people to think or know of Flare as ‘the app for protection’, so we’ve got some fairly big plans.”

As the technology continues to advance, Flare has begun to explore and introduce new and innovative features, enabling more users to access the technology and enhance their safety. Flare has introduced an SOS feature which enables users to discreetly call for help in vulnerable situations. Ensuring help can be received in a timely manner without having to worry about going through the app, which can be a stressful and sometimes a time-consuming process.

Live tracking locations are sent to emergency contacts and nearby Flare users via SMS, ensuring the network of Flare users can receive help if emergency contacts are unavailable. The introduction of the ‘Group Safety’ feature has also strengthened the app’s offering as it keeps people together safely, letting each person in the group know one another’s location. This makes it suitable for evenings, holidays and nights out with friends and family.  

These new features have enabled Flare to progress in the short amount of time since its introduction. 

Not only does Flare protect you but all users are rewarded for using the app via Sweatcoins, a new type of currency. These can be redeemed in exchange for exclusive rewards, whilst Flare Premium users have access to exclusive partners and higher discounts. 

We believe safety to be paramount and everyone should have the confidence to feel protected. The convenience of such an influential tool on your phone is empowering and we hope to help even more users across the world in the future. 

Flare is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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