Posted on June 22, 2018 by staff

On-demand TV boss predicts explosive UK growth


The CEO of on-demand TV service CHILI hopes to have over five million users by the end of 2019 following its launch in the UK.

A pay-per-movie service launched in Italy in 2012, CHILI is backed by Hollywood studios Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Viacom, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

It currently boasts 1.6 million customers and recently launched in both the UK and Germany.

“Our plans include reaching more than five million users in the UK, Italy and Germany at the end of 2019,” founder and CEO Giorgio Tacchia told BusinessCloud.

“If the performance of the company mirrors what we have done in Italy over the last 20 months, for sure we will have additional resources to push the growth of the company, not just in the UK but other English-speaking territories.”

CHILI has been described as an entertainment hub where users can search for films based on characters, purchase digital and physical movies, cinema tickets and merchandise.

Tacchia says the company will be embarking on an ongoing digital marketing campaign to promote its service across Britain, with a particular focus on film characters after the release of fresh titles.

According to the entrepreneur, the firm’s main goal – and challenge – over the next few months is to differentiate itself from the competition with “clear communication”.

“If people clearly understand that we are not just another iTunes, Netflix or Amazon – this will give the opportunity to grow,” he said.

“We’re not fighting with Netflix, Apple and Amazon, we are complementary.”

Tacchia, who is passionate about fighting the rise of film and TV piracy in the industry, says having the backing of five studios is “an incredible opportunity” and a major validation of its model.

“The studios decided to invest in CHILI because we’re perfectly aligned with their strategies,” he said.

“The latest innovation in the transactional space was released by Apple in 2001. When they met us, we showed them an innovation in this field.”

CHILI is on track to have 100 employees at its headquarters in Milan by the end of this year.

Tacchia says the company may consider opening a UK base next year.