Bespoke 3D vitamin printing startup Nourished has raised £5 million for global expansion.

The Midlands company uses a patented pectin formula which allows customers to combine seven active ingredients in one edible ‘gummy’ to suit their own health needs – whether it is addressing a deficiency in a certain vitamin or trying to achieve a specific goal.

Parent company Rem3dy Health Ltd has been backed with £2.5m investment from new investor Suntory Holdings, part of Suntory Group, a leading health enrichment company in Asia. 

After launching in the UK and US in 2020, Nourished has long seen Asia as a key target region for expansion and says a long-term strategic partnership with Suntory Group will be a key pillar for success. 

In order to ensure product-market fit, Nourished will develop new localised flavours such as yuzu, lychee, tea, chai and lemongrass, seeking to complement the Japanese consumer palette. 

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Japan is the world’s third largest dietary supplements market, valued at $9.4 billion, and expanding due to an ageing population and a rise in health consciousness among consumers.

Rem3dy has identified that Japanese consumers have a particular focus on supplements that can aid in relieving menopause symptoms, weight management, and appearance all of which are pain points Nourished vitamins can support with.  

In 2019 founder Melissa Snover broke the record for the highest UK seed funding by a woman, securing over £2m. In 2021 she then locked in a further £8m in Series A funding. 

“I am absolutely delighted to be partnering with Suntory to bring truly personalised nutrition to the Japanese market in 2023,” she said. 

“We are honoured to work with a global leader of consumer goods, who also share our ethos for sustainability, innovation and quality.

“Suntory’s deep understanding and expertise of the Asian market will enable Rem3dy Health to expand into a part of the world which is passionate about health and wellness and deliver tailor-made, convenient and delicious nutrition to its masses.” 

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