Posted on September 10, 2018 by staff

Northern agency first ‘Skill Builder’ for Amazon’s Alexa


Manchester-based agency Apadmi has become the first in the north of England to be named a ‘Skill Builder’ for Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa.

The mobile tech specialists have been promoting voice technology and the importance of developers learning skills in this field since autumn last year, when they held their first workshop for engineers.

Since then, the company has collaborated with Amazon to hold voice events for the tech community, as well as further workshops aimed at developers from introductory level through to advanced, at Amazon Alexa’s London HQ and in Manchester city centre.

“Voice might not be new, but it’s starting to gain a lot of momentum in the tech industry,” said Marcus Hadfield, Chief Strategy Officer at Apadmi.

“It’s critical that developers learn best practice now, and get the basics of voice design right, so that they can build on those concepts with greater ease as soon new updates are released.”

Founded in 2009, Apadmi has used its events to get more software specialists excited about developing for voice, sharing the extensive knowledge of its staff about voice development tools outside of the standard Alexa development kits.