Posted on October 2, 2019 by staff

Nominate a business for 100 eCommerce Trailblazers


BusinessCloud is on the hunt for the UK’s top 100 eCommerce Trailblazers.

Nominations have opened for the new initiative which will see experts and the general public vote for the 100 businesses which are blazing a tech trail in retail and commerce.

To enter, complete the survey in the embedded form at the bottom of this article.

The retail sector has undergone a massive transition to online platforms with companies investing billions into the cloud and data analytics to improve their eCommerce performance.

Technologies such as augmented/virtual reality and automation are also having an impact.

We are looking to shine a light on the true trailblazers reinventing how we sell, shop and market products.

To be considered for the 100 eCommerce Trailblazers long-list – which will be voted on – businesses must be harnessing tech in a disruptive way and be able to demonstrate that. They may also have evidence of:

  • high/fast-growing turnover
  • workforce growth
  • investment/high-profile backers

Nominate a business now!

Agencies developing bespoke technologies to help their entire client base are eligible. eCommerce retailers must be developing in-house cutting-edge technologies.

A panel of 10 regional experts will judge our long-list of nominations for each list before we open voting to the general public.

The final 100 ranking will be decided by a combination of the two. To suggest an independent judge, email [email protected].

Nominations close at 11pm on October 23rd. Voting will take place from October 28th-November 10th, with the final rankings published online on December 9th and in the Q4 edition of BusinessCloud magazine.

BusinessCloud will also be running annual sector rankings in its other magazines. Nominations remain open all year round. These are:

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