Zesty has launched a new online booking solution for Acute and Community NHS Trusts to enable all staff to book COVID-19 antibody tests on their smartphone, laptop or computer in less than 60 seconds. 

Supported by online training tutorials, howto guides and videos, a JIRA support helpdesk and team training sessions, the solution is currently enabling thousands of NHS staff antibody testing appointments a week. 

The London HealthTech was recently acquired by listed group Induction Healthcare.  

Its core platform allows patients to manage their hospital outpatient appointments, read their administrative and clinical correspondence, attend a video-based consultation and store a personal copy of their clinical record. 

“The main challenges to providing a solution for NHS trusts are: how they manage the supply and demand of available COVID-19 antibody test appointments; how they communicate with staff that a new service is available; what data they capture at the point of booking; how they create new patient records for staffand how they train staff to use a new system, said Lloyd Price, co-founder of Zesty. 

In less than a week, Zesty set up and deployed online booking for Sussex Community Foundation Trust staff at various locations ranging from Brighton to Bognor to Crawley. 

Richard West, strategic development manager, Sussex Community FT, said: “Zesty created a staff booking solution for us in a matter of days.  

“As a trust we went from thinking about COVID antibody testing to 3,000 online bookings and 2,600 successful staff tests in 10 days.  

The key benefit for us has been the standalone, non-integrated workflows requiring no IT department time. We have been able to launch the service independently, solely with Zesty’s support.”