Posted on February 7, 2018 by staff

New VST Enterprises MD ‘bowled over’ by firm’s potential


Consumer technology and security company VST Enterprises has appointed a new managing director to help the Manchester-based company live up to its ‘mammoth potential’.

Paul Greaves has over 25 years of experience scaling businesses, including developing and selling Intercell – which is now valued at £100bn – to United Utilities.

Greaves, who is also CEO of cloud-based video platform ZiMovi, decided to join VST Enterprises after being “bowled over by the sheer size of the potential for the company”.

“A lot of people talk about global opportunities for businesses, but in my 30 years scaling and managing businesses, I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” he said.

“The potential for VST Enterprises is phenomenal.”

VST Enterprises’ technology VCode is billed as the next generation of code scanning technology – an evolutionary step forward from traditional barcodes and QR Codes.

VCode is being adopted to combat the supply of counterfeit goods in Hong Kong and China, eliminate the circulation of conflict minerals and currency counterfeiting in Africa, provide a virtual wallet for secure payments across mainland Europe from Armenia, as well as working with the Indian government to eliminate fraud from the benefits system.

Greaves will lead the direction and strategy of VST Enterprises through advances in technologies and strategic partners. He will also play a vital role in securing future business growth.

Louis-James Davis, founder and CEO, said: “Paul’s experience in this industry is unparalleled. We’re delighted to have him onboard, and his knowledge will prove invaluable to the company as we develop and grow our global footprint. The future is bright for VST Enterprises, and we’re excited that Paul will be an important part of rapid global growth.”

VST Enterprises has also appointed Melissa Hendry as its new operations director. Hendry joins from ZiMovi and has over 14 years of experience in telecommunications and technology.

In her role, she will be responsible for the day-to-day operational management of the company, overseeing a wide range of processes, including security and risk auditing, policy creation, strategic planning and key project delivery, playing a vital role in securing future business growth.

“As a long-time technology security professional, I’m particularly excited by VCode’s potential,” Hendry said.

“Founder Louis and his team are doing what no one else has managed to yet – what may seem a simple code is so much more than that. No other technology that I’ve encountered has come even close to VCode’s security applications, required in so many sectors.”