Posted on February 20, 2019 by staff

New Audi tech helps you hit every green light

Audi has rolled out a new technology which is designed to help drivers reach traffic lights as they turn green.The GLOSA (Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory) tech is being incorporated into the German automaker’s newer models.

It is part of the latest version of its vehicle-to-infrastructure tech Traffic Light Information, which was launched in 2016 and allows cars to communicate with infrastructure in certain cities and metropolitan areas across the United States.

The original tech – which used a 4G LTE hot spot – informed drivers how long it would be before the light turned green, but GLOSA advises drivers what speed they should be driving to time it just right.

It works by combining traffic signal information, the current position of the vehicle, the distance needed to stop and the speed limit.

TLI and GLOSA – available on a paid subscription basis – are currently available in 13 urban regions including Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington DC.

GLOSA underwent a successful trial in Birmingham in 2018 after it was installed at 10 junctions over a 6km stretch of the A45 Coventry Road.

Sending details of the speed needed to hit green lights just right to a smartphone held by a car passenger, it cut journey times by around seven per cent. An expanded trial is planned for 2019.

The project, a collaboration between Transport for West Midlands, Amey Consulting, Birmingham City Council and private sector app developers Eastpoint Software, IDT Ltd and SGTI, was funded by the Department for Transport.
Transport chiefs says installation costs are less than £1,000 per junction and could help solve the problem of congestion in UK cities.