An AI multi-sport app and platform has launched in the UK.

TeamSportz aims to help teams from any sport, background, level and ability improve their performance and understanding of the game whilst enhancing health and wellbeing. 

Designed specifically with the needs of amateur sports teams in mind, London-based TeamSportz says it offers teams professional sports tracking and performance data without the need for additional equipment and at an accessible price.

The app effectively turns a smartphone into a coach, personal trainer and team schedule. Players can practise different drills and exercises wherever and whenever they wish.

It uses AI to map body movement and players can see their personal stats on speed, acceleration, elevation, intensity, duration, accuracy, number of reps, reaction time, and body form.

Players can receive real-time feedback or share their results directly with a coach. Players who are part of a team can also challenge a teammate to win medals and a spot on the leaderboard. 


The Coaches Corner platform – connected to the app used by players – enables them to spend less time on admin and more time on coaching, with a dashboard to track players, calendar, events, practices, games and stats.

TeamSportz’s video library also allows coaches to upload games and tag specific points in the videos to better understand strengths and weaknesses of in-game or practice performance. Coaches can then send tagged videos or highlights to their players and provide feedback.

The platform underwent beta testing early last year, helping teams to practise remotely and improve their performance even during the COVID pandemic. More than 700 users – composed of teams, coaches and players – signed up, downloaded and engaged with the TeamSportz platform.

The app is available for individual players to download for free on the App Store and Google Play, with the option to purchase the Pro version for £3.99 per month to unlock more features. Coaches can sign up their team of up to 50 players for £39 per month, and those coaching at larger academies can sign up unlimited players for £199 per month. Users can cancel their subscription at any time.

Established in 2017, the platform was inspired by founder and CEO Francisco Baptista’s experience of growing up playing basketball in his community.

“TeamSportz is bringing artificial intelligence to a largely underserved market: the amateur or grassroots sports teams,” he said. “Today similar technology is only available to players at professional level. By making AI technology accessible to everyone we create a more level playing field which in turn will increase the levels of physical activity, invite to sport new communities and ultimately close the gap between professional and amateurs. 

“I want to live in a world with fewer differences and change the status quo of how sports are played at amateur level. This was only a dream of mine going back three years, and now we have made it a reality for everyone.”