Birmingham tech startup Nourished is to launch 3D-printed skincare supplements with beauty giant Neutrogena.

Nourished, led by founder Melissa Snover, creates personalised supplements by layering various vitamin gummies to aid various aspects of a person’s health.

It will debut Skin360 SKINSTACKS with Neutrogena at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The new product aims to make personalised, holistic skin health routines simple and accessible for consumers, leveraging artificial intelligence and the latest in 3D-printing technology.

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“At Neutrogena, we are grounded in the belief that beauty begins with healthy skin and are proud of a heritage that consistently delivers skincare solutions built at the intersection of science and technology, in a way that makes sophisticated science simple and inclusive for our consumers,” said Roberto Khoury, senior vice president at Neutrogena. 

“Working with Nourished allows us to further that commitment by marrying our award-winning digital skin assessment with Nourished elegant 3D printing technology to create on-demand dietary supplements to help consumers meet their personal skincare goals.”

Each SKINSTACKS is powered by Neutrogena’s Skin360 digital skin assessment, which uses over 100,000 skin pixels to analyse over 2,000 facial attributes and consumers’ skin needs and goals. 

This data is then used to identify and recommend a nutrient stack and topical routine for the individual user to help achieve their specific skin health goal. Each vegan, sugar-free gummy stack has seven layers.

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