Posted on August 9, 2019 by staff

Motivating the many: how tech can assist with team goals


You’ve got a new strategy. A new goal. Something for your entire team to aspire to and be inspired by, simultaneously.

But it will involve an element of change; an intrusion into the regular day-to-day routine your people have come to depend upon. So how do you convince them it’s not only possible, but essential?

And how do you keep them focused while you work together to achieve it?

A good speech can certainly be effective, but it might not always last. And when you’ve got umpteen other things to focus on, how can you be sure your team don’t lose track of their new goals either?

Thankfully, like in practically every other area of our lives today, tech is finding new and innovative ways to help you all achieve your goals – and here are several options you can look into straight away.

Data-driven performance

Naturally, given that we’re talking about tech, we’re also talking about the insurmountable digital footprint that each and every one of us leaves on a daily basis. But this isn’t just about cookies and interacting with social media ads out of the workplace – it can be just as much about what we do from 9-5 as well.

People Analytics” is the practice of using big data and technology to find crucial trends and behavioural patterns in employee effectiveness and ongoing engagement. Usually using an outside consultancy service, companies collect data on everything from productivity to sales departments and can be used to analyse behaviour to a precise degree. It can help companies to decipher areas where training is required, and opportunities for growth and streamlining alike.

Unified communications for all

Or not for all, quite yet, as it seems. Not every business has fully conformed to the principles of these innovative and wonderfully practical platforms, yet. But its popularity is certainly growing. Essentially, Unified Communications (or UC) is a combination of tools that “bring businesses together into a cohesive hub of productivity”.

Imagine every document, spreadsheet, presentation, messaging platform and project management tool you use every day in one place – where everyone can access and work with them, unified. It may sound a little impractical, even implausible if you haven’t adopted it yet – but UC is becoming the go-to choice for forward-thinking businesses all over the world.

Employee Assistance Programmes

Another crafty piece of tech that really brings employees together, these app-based programmes help employers to see the emotional, financial and social health of their employees. And not in an Orwellian way, before you become concerned – it’s strictly an opt-in-or-not opportunity for staff, but is wonderful at creating communities within the workplace.

There are already more than 15,000 organisations worldwide using the innovative Employee Assistance Programme from Lifeworks – so you can imagine how many employees are engaged with the software right now. Employers can use such programmes to offer incentives, motivate staff, and keep a careful eye out for individuals who may be suffering with stress or other problems at work.