One of the original founders of the Modern Milkman is about to launch his new tech startup after raising a six-figure investment.

Paul White plans to launch his home maintenance tech startup – the PATCH App – in mid-September following the raise.

Lancashire-based inventor White is a former Young Lancastrian of the Year and was one of the co-founders of the Modern Milkman after watching David Attenborough’s programme Blue Planet and deciding he had to do something to protect the environment.

He’s no longer involved in the business, which was named the the fastest-growing company in the North by GP Bullhound in 2022.

White has now joined forces with 23-year-old Conor Walsh, from Clitheroe, to launch his new startup.

He said: “Raising pre-seed money is really tough anyway, let alone in the current climate. Here in East Lancashire we’re really lucky to have been able to pull together a great consortium, mainly of people based in Lancashire, to provide the investment to launch this tech, which will transform the outdoor home maintenance market.

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“After exiting the Modern Milkman, I thought I was going to live out life quietly in the country, but I was itching to get back to that high-growth start up buzz in not time, and then I met Conor. We’ve been working on this full-time for six months”.

The early-stage backers include founder of Seafood Pub Company Joycelyn Neve, and CEO Of XLCR Vehicle Management Lee Duerden.

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Walsh said: “Convenience is king today, and people don’t want to be scratching around for cash when there’s a knock at the door, or having to bank transfer money. We are relentlessly focussed on meeting the needs of consumers.

“We are well placed for a rapid scale up with our great team, across the UK, and then beyond”.

The business says another six figure raise announcement is imminent.