Posted on December 11, 2017 by staff

Mobile food ordering app rolls out around UK


The tech firm behind an app which allows users to order and pay for food has partnered with First Payment to drive forward its UK rollout.

Swoopos, developed by Birmingham-based Lee Nazari, is a point-of-sale system aimed at helping merchants take advantage of mobile payments, cashless transactions, mPOS solutions, loyalty rewards and data analytics software.

Its parent company, Mobile Pay Systems, received £300k of investment from private investors earlier this year.

The deal with First Payment, one of the UK’s largest merchant service providers, is putting mPOS technology as the ‘must have’ for the UK hospitality and retail sectors.

Swoopos has already worked with brands like Subway and Second Cup Coffee. More than 12,000 orders have been made through the integrated ordering app, Swoope.

Its systems are rolling out throughout the UK and have arrived in major UK cities including London, Oxford, and Newcastle.

“Working with First Payment, and being able to offer innovative payment technology to a wider audience, has opened the doors to big chains and sporting stadiums,” said Nazari.

“This is a key partnership, which will see a sales force of over 100 selling Swoopos nationally.

“With more resellers partnerships due to launch soon, we can safely say it’s going to be a very busy and exciting 2018 for everyone involved.”