Posted on March 4, 2016 by staff

MasterCard Uses Artificial Intelligence


The financial services firm is using an artificial intelligence programme to support teams working on loyalty schemes in the UK.

The software was created by Norwich-based company, Rainbird, which is one of 60 startups supported by MasterCard’s Start Path Global Programme. The software captures information and helps staff in different activities.

MasterCard is supporting startups to gain access to and test out the latest developments. Every quarter MasterCard Start Path recruits startups for a six month virtual programme.

Global lead for MasterCard Start Path, Stephane Wyper, said: “Now, early-stage companies are partnering with large financial institutions, retailers or digital players to build the future of commerce together.

“By working with Start Path, startups like Rainbird benefit from engaging with large global brands that are their future customers, channels and collaborators in a structured manner.

“At the same time, established companies such as MasterCard and its partners can identify and tap into new technologies to build efficiencies within existing systems or capture new opportunities.”

Wyper explained that Rainbird’s software will be able to spread knowledge, previously held within a single team to an entire sales team.

He added: “The software captures knowledge and groups together nuggets of disparate information to create a knowledge base that will power an automated, virtual sales assistant.”